Portland Sun

Sumner County Property Transfers, April 6-12

Castalian Springs

Robert and Kimberli Price to Cody and America Koroshes, 784 Greenfield Ln., Castalian Springs, $499,900.


Matthew and Brittney Till to Lauren and Blake Huffman, 1031 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $399,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Pepper Smith, 243 Cloverbrook Way, Gallatin, $429,990.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Juan and Christina Rivera, 362 Triple Crown Cir., Gallatin, $518,102.

Benjamin and Lisa Givens to Ashok and Ami Parekh Co-Trustees of the Ashok D. Parekh & Ami A. Parekh Revocable Living Trust Agreement, $550,000.

Mary Wright to Pettis Builders LLC, 1061 Albatross Way, Gallatin, $648,000.

Brittni and Paul Way, Jr. to Tamara and Mark Mazur, 121 Oakland Dr., Gallatin, $400,000.

Buffalo Valley Inc. to Holloway Investments LLC, 407 Carson St., Gallatin, $136,000.

Clarion Homes LLC to Randal and Christine Gee, 1032 Robert Lee Dr., Gallatin, $615,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Bryan Freeman, 121 Weller Ln., Gallatin, $375,000.

Sarah Barnett to Fred Howell, Jr., 246 East Woodrow St., Gallatin, $170,000.

Fred Howell, Jr. to Matthew and Anthony Barnett, 401 Richland Cir., Gallatin, $345,500.

Jeffrey and Pamela Seifert to Marcus Spicer, 210 James St., Gallatin, $760,000.

Christopher and Julie Cline to Ralph and Hester Treese, 1079 Paddock Park Cir., Gallatin, $535,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Julia Grosser, 1302 Halter Park Dr., Gallatin, $370,900.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Shreejit Sapre and Ankita Lele, 634 Giacomo Ct., Gallatin, $509,990.

Carla Woodward Executris for the Estate of Loretta Jean Denney to Jon Oliger, II, 310 South Tunnel Rd., Gallatin, $100,000.

KF Land Partners to Southeastern Building Corp., 1229 Payton Ln., 1233 Payton Ln., Gallatin, $220,000.

Lindon and Deborah Robertson to Kenneth and Alana Stohr, Jr., 1261 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin, $1,700,000.

Beddingfield Consulting LLC to Daniel and sherry Ortiz, 836 Mesa Verde Pl., Gallatin, $519,000.

Dirtworkz LLC to HDK Short Holdings LLC, 1724 Dickerson Bay Dr., Gallatin, $1,100,000.


Debar Land Co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 213 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Debar Land co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 176 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Debar Land Co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 208 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Debar Land Co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 180 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Debar Land Co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 184 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Debar Land Co LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 197 Sydney Dr., Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Julia Runion to James Grissom, 604 Loretta Dr., Goodlettsville, $438,000.


Pamela Styke to Lucien and Lucy Anderson, 419 Carriage House Ln., Hendersonville, $409,000.

Ralph and Cristina Fuchs to Benjamin and Bobbie Brooks, 133 Huntington Pl., Hendersonville, $497,000.

Ronald and Mary Chlasta to Derrick Rowe, 195 Berrywood Dr., Hendersonville, $393,000.

Pepper Smith to Todd and Rana Muncy, 2591 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville, $840,000.

Walter Sloan to Luis Carapia, 136 Forest Retreat Rd., Hendersonville, $349,900.

Dan Jones to Charles and Emily Mallicoat, 127 Burntash Ln., Hendersonville, $564,000.

Larry Cox to Nelson Dunlap and Erin Large, 122 Otter Glen Dr., Hendersonville, $429,900.

Donna Miller to Judy Zeivel, 416 Abington Dr., Hendersonville, $640,000.

Anthony and Ashley Thomas to John and Jessica Delucia, 104 Park Cir., Hendersonville, $492,126.

Ronald and Christine Donovan Trustees of the Ronald & Christine Donovan Family Trust to Michael and Charmaine Straub, 131 Ervin St., Hendersonville, $689,000.

Lauren and Ryan Musto to Benjamin and Kristin Hall, 160 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $819,000.

Phillips Builders LLC to Kyle and Sarah Parker, 130 Willow Bend Dr., Hendersonville, $699,900.

John and Sarah Marlin to Yingchun Sun, 212 Edgewood Dr., Hendersonville, $225,000.

Richard and Cynthia Henry to Maryna and Michael Scism, 1022 Newmans Trail, Hendersonville, $425,000.

Andrew and Holly Taylor to Mark and Patricia Link, 496 Abington Dr., Hendersonville, $565,000.

Talesa and Joshua Jones to Dillon Deshong and Hannah Schaefer, 114 Scotch St., Hendersonville, $409,000.

Joshua and Kristy Owen to Marian and Andreea Ticlea, 296 Anderson Ln., Hendersonville, $390,000.

SS Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp., 200 Strongpont Dr., 202 Strongpoint Dr., 204 Strongpoint Dr., Hendersonville, $270,000.


David and Amanda Palmer to Thomas and Amy Mercier, Jr., 1027 Willow Creek Dr., Millersville, $460,000.


James and Angel Dunning to James and Courtney Larson, 289 East Carter Rd., Portland, $309,900.

Amy Garlock to Robert Riggsbee and Josh Satterfield, 640 Portland Blvd., Portland, $275,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing to Colt and Ashley Hunter, 200 Hwy 259, Portland, $155,000.


William and Mary Hudson to Steven and Amy Briley, 4408 Bledsoe St., Westmoreland, $50,000.

White House

Cody Lyng to Charles and Teresa Spakes, II, 108 Meadows Rd., White House, $350,000.

AH4R-TN3 LLC to John and Sarah Marlin, 101 Dawn Ct., White House, $400,000.