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Creek Wood, Dickson County finish up regular bowling season

Both the Dickson County and Creek Wood bowling teams ended their regular season last week with a matchup on Monday afternoon.  

On the boys’ side, Dickson County defeated Creek Wood to hold on to their perfect record at 16-0 while the Lady Red Hawks were able to get the win over Dickson County. 

The boys’ contest ended with Dickson County winning 19-8 by a total pin fall of 2690 to 2401. High games for Dickson County include Alex Singleton’s 223, Grayson Williams’ 219, Nathan Wilkes’ 214, Aiden Pewitt’s 211 and 220 along with Jackson Parker’s 233. 

Creek Wood’s high scores were Brodie Balitsky’s 221 and 219 along with Landon Spicer’s 190 and 188.

The girls’ match ended with a score of 20-7 in favor of Creek Wood.  

The Lady Red Hawks were led by Gabi Mann with a 267 and 214 as well as Gracie Blaylock with a 184 and Mada Stewart with a 172.

The Lady Cougars’ high scores were Leah Schindler’s 172, Katie Madden’s 179 and Emily Fuller’s 194. 

Dickson County is the #1 seed for the boys’ district tournament with Creek Wood in the #2 seed while the Lady Red Hawks have the #1 seed for the girls while Dickson County finishes with the #2 seed.