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Ashland City hears new strings of sound on Main Street

Main Street in downtown Ashland City continues to change and get bigger with the community right before everyone’s eyes. What used to house Brenda’s Beauty Salon at 104 Main Street, now houses an array of musical instruments and opportunity.

Previously known as Nashville Violins, The Fiddle Guy is a string instrument store and repair shop. The owner, Dave Wascher, founded Nashville Violins in 1999 with the hope of working more towards lessons and repairs.

Wascher first got into doing repairs when he was a young kid in school. He recalls going to apprenticeships during his summers to work on guitars, fiddles, violins and cellos.

“I’ve been doing this most of my life and I enjoy doing what I love,” Wascher said.

Wascher is actually a master luthier and has continued to be a master of his skill for more than 30 years. Businesses nowadays require a lot of time and effort, especially when you’re doing something you love. Not only are there competitions with other businesses, but there’s also a certain quality to each of them. Wascher is especially unique in his line of work.

“I always make sure someone’s instrument is fine-tuned, fixed and ready to go before they leave my store,” he said.

Wascher mentioned that not a lot of music stores in Nashville will have already tuned instruments on their walls. If someone goes into The Fiddle Guy’s store and knows a few chords, they’ll be able to play a perfect C major. Wascher is proud of the store, even in its downsized state, and he still enjoys the work he does today.

He works on repairs at his home and helps those who need a new instrument or some new music at his shop on Main Street. He’s also offering rentals to those who would like to start up their own new skill. The rental ability allows those of any stage of skill to work up and change out their instrument to a differently sized one if needed.

Wascher is currently accepting work through appointments only and can be found at or can be reached at (615) 292-5196.