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Joe Dubin: The new class reunion, unfortunately

Joe Dubin

For many of us, attending our 10-year class reunion is a must do. We all are just starting out in our careers and haven’t really had a good chance to screw things up in life. That would be our 20-year class reunion. For many of us. I say that because some don’t want to ever see any of us again and that is okay. We will all forever have a common bond and that is more than perfect.  

Unfortunately, we don’t need that 25 or 30 or whatever year it is anymore for a class reunion. As we get older, our class reunions are now held at funerals. My mother warned me of this years ago and said as life moves on, you will see more and more of your friends at funerals. I scoffed as a teenager because we are all 10 feet tall and bulletproof and whatever. 

I should have known that mothers are never wrong. In the last year, her words have come to fruition more and more. Friends’ parents passing away is a guarantee you will see those we would only see at a class reunion and to me that is very sad. It really shouldn’t be that way and we all say we will keep in touch, but many of us never do. I get it, because we are all busy, life gets in the way and we have to deal with those things that happen to us every single day. 

I am guilty as charged and when I see friends, we always make that emphatic statement of “let’s not wait so long,” or “we should grab lunch soon.” But sadly, many of us don’t. At a funeral recently, I ran into several dear classmates whom I have not seen in forever and we all agreed to do a better job than the one we are doing now. 

Will we do it? I sure hope so because as we get older, nostalgia becomes a companion that helps many of us through some dark tunnels. We just need to be there to hold the light to help all of us see the way. And each other.  

Let’s not wait until we’re the one they are saying goodbye to. Then it is really too late. 

Joe Dubin is an Emmy Award-winning TV personality who lives in Nashville.

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