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Robertson County cross country meet: Brogan Mann makes history for Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy poses with their hardware. By Christina Moore

Robertson County Schools held its annual Robertson Country cross country meet on Sept. 19 at Kilgore Park. Local schools from across the county joined together to participate in three races that featured elementary, middle and high school students. 

History was made on Tuesday afternoon, as Amanda Jager’s middle school boys team claimed Innovation Academy’s first-ever first-place finish in the Robertson County meet. The Sentinels placed in three of the top 10 spots, headlined by Brogan Mann’s win in the two-mile race. 

“I was nervous at the start of the race, but once I pulled ahead the nerves went away,” Mann said. “Once I crossed the finish line in first place I felt relieved.”

Mann became the first runner in Innovation Academy history to win a medal in the Robertson County meet. 

“I am extremely proud of this year’s middle school team, as they have come such a long way,” Jager said. “This was a big race for us, as it was the very first time racing as a new school.”

Jager’s program has grown considerably since she took the helm three years ago at the formerly named Springfield Middle School. Back then only five students ran cross country, but the program has steadily increased. Innovation entered Tuesday’s meet sporting 20 boys and girls runners. 

“There were a lot of butterflies in our stomachs as (we) reached the starting line,” Jager said. “I just told each runner how proud I was of them. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw our runners cross the finish line and crushing their goals.”

Individual Results High School Boys (3.1 miles) 

  1. Will Keefer, Greenbrier 
  2. Donald Rogers, Springfield 
  3. Carson Palmiter, White House Heritage 
  4. Jacob Albin, White House Heritage 
  5. Collin Fisher, Greenbrier 
  6. Seth Gibson, White House Heritage 
  7. Colton Davis, Greenbrier 
  8. Israel Martinez, Greenbrier 
  9. Max Dehaven, White House Heritage 
  10. Elijah Kannel, Springfield 
Leaps ahead of the competition, Will Keefer makes easy work of the hill. By Christina Moore

Team Results High School Boys 

  1. Greenbrier
  2. White House Heritage 
  3. Springfield 

Individual Results High School Girls (3.1 miles)

  1. Abby Page, White House Heritage 
  2. Emma Lund, Springfield
  3. Lizbet Vega, Springfield
  4. Ava Fisher, Springfield
  5. Emerald Aboyte, Springfield 
  6. Sophie Perdomo, Springfield
  7. Jamie Blanchard, Springfield
  8. Lucy Coffey, White House Heritage 
  9. Liriel Wilding, Springfield
  10. Indiana Taylor, White House Heritage 
Heritage’s Abby Page wins first place for the girls. By Christina Moore

Team Results High School Girls 

  1. Springfield
  2. White House Heritage 
Springfield High Scool Lady Jackets take home the team prize for the girls. By Christina Moore

Individual Results Middle School Boys (2 miles)

  1. Brogan Mann, Innovation Academy 
  2. Mason Bellar, White House Heritage 
  3. Evan Talbot, White House Heritage 
  4. Turner Crossland, Greenbrier
  5. Bear Pulley, Innovation Academy 
  6. Elijah Sinourf, Christian Community 
  7. Ethan Lance, Coopertown 
  8. Shia Day, White House Heritage 
  9. Parker Jennings, Innovation Academy 
  10. Tyler Honeycutt, Greenbrier 

Team Results Middle School Boys 

  1. Innovation Academy 
  2. White House Heritage 
  3. Greenbrier 
Runners from Innovation Academy react to winning the team award. By Christina Moore

Individual Results Middle School Girls (2 miles)

  1. Sienna Davies, Coopertown 
  2. Libby Taylor, White House Heritage 
  3. Carrigan Qualls, White House Heritage 
  4. Jezreel Munoz, Christian Community 
  5. Abby Ramsey, Innovation Academy 
  6. Charlotte Coffey, White House Heritage 
  7. Lexi Tice, White House Heritage 
  8. Makayla Collins, Coopertown
  9. Jordan Head, Innovation Academy 
  10. Rebecca Old, Innovation Academy

Team Results Middle School Girls 

  1. White House Heritage 
  2. Innovation Academy 
  3. Christian Community 

Individual Results Elementary School Boys (1 mile)

  1. Jackson Reibli, Heritage Elementary
  2. Emmet Galecki, Christian Community 
  3. Simon Roque, Heritage Elementary
  4. Wilder Kinzie, Christian Community 
  5. Leo Crossland, Greenbrier 
  6. Max Taylor, Heritage Elementary
  7. Luka Speaks, Christian Community 
  8. Wyatt Ivey, Heritage Elementary 
  9. DJ Francoeur, Christian Community 
  10. Landon Rowland, Christian Community 

Individuals Results Elementary School Girls (1 mile)

  1. Alyssa Banks, Heritage Elementary
  2. Teodora Milinkovic, Heritage Elementary
  3. Carlie Scharcklet, Christian Community 
  4. Emma Craddock, Heritage Elementary 
  5. Brooklyn Verchota, Christian Community 
  6. Carolyn Galecki, Christian Community 
  7. Tori Francoeur, Christian Community 
  8. Sydney Gleaves, Heritage Elementary 
  9. Ellie Dehaven, Heritage Elementary 
  10. Zora Seals, Heritage Elementary