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TriStar Horizon Medical Center in Dickson unveils expanded $20 million intensive care unit

TriStar Horizon Medical Center in Dickson unveiled its $20 million updated and expanded intensive care unit on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Community leaders such as Dickson City Mayor Dr. Don L. Weiss, Jr., Dickson County Mayor Bob Rial and Dickson County Chamber of Commerce President Jennie Wagner attended the dedication and ribbon cutting along with approximately 100 other community partners.

According to THMC Chief Executive Officer Cindy Bergmeier, the project was 13 months in the making and took the former intensive care unit from a six-bed, 3,000-square foot unit to a 14-bed, 1,300-square foot unit, with multiple upgrades and updates to benefit the patients, caregivers and visitors.

THMC ICU Director Meleia Wilson said all the rooms are double the size of the previous ones, have windows and private bathrooms, adjustable hospital beds and all the necessary EKG and medical monitoring equipment to make the staff’s job as simple and the patients’ stays as comfortable as possible.

“The nursing staff will be happy and if they’re happy, I’m happy. Their workflow’s going to be completely changed. They’re going to have so much more space and not only that, but just they’re going to be able to care for their patients so much more and hopefully keep patients here closer to home versus having to go to Nashville,” Wilson said.

Wilson noted that the presence of a state-of-the-art ICU in Dickson not only benefits those in Dickson but those in outlying communities who would otherwise be forced to drive over an hour to get to Nashville.

DPR Construction, a global contractor with an office in Nashville, was responsible for the construction. DPR Nashville Business Unit Leader Brent Browning said that Hospital Corporation of America, TriStar’s parent company, has used DPR before for other projects. Browning explained some of the process of building the new facility.

“Part of it is an existing facility and part of it’s an expansion, and so there’s challenges with each one of those. So an existing facility, as you’re uncovering existing finishes, you find conditions that might not be what we thought, so the team has to work really closely with the design team to work through those. And sometimes it adds cost or adds time. I think we all have worked together on, and then the new build, you run into utilities, not in the right place outside and things like that. Again, it’s just all about the people working together and to work through the problems,” he said.

Bunting spoke positively about partnering with TriStar.

“They’re great partners, especially here on this campus. Everybody involved in Facilities to Leadership. The team was very quick to communicate, very responsive to our needs. There’s always changes on projects, and we worked through them really quickly and in a good partnering manner. So yeah. Great folks,” he said.

Intensivist Dr. Mohammad Alsoub expressed gratitude to those attending the ribbon cutting for their support of THMC.

“This community has really supported us for so many years and trusted us in taking care of their patients, their loved ones, their families, and we owe it to them to have this ICU that is really, really well deserved. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who made this happen, starting from the hospital administration and the team, HCA and the construction company. They did a great job in a very short time,” Alsoub said.

“This $20 million ICU is included in the $40 million projects that were in progress last year and continue into 2024. In addition, $36 million in facility improvements were made over the previous six years at TriStar Horizon Medical Center,” THMC Director of Communications & Community Engagement Taylor ImOberstag said in an official press release on Friday, Feb. 16.

For more information about THMC, visit www.tristarhealth.com/locations/tristar-horizon-medical-center.