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This Week’s Citizen Spotlight Is Randy Paul Nesmith

Citizen Goes Out of His Way to Help Those in Need

When the snow began in earnest Jan. 15, there were many Giles Countians who were caught off guard. Citizen Randy Paul Nesmith, known for being more than willing to assist his neighbors whenever and wherever they are in need, jumped into action. Nesmith, a transplant for Rogersville, Ala., has lived in Giles County for several years and has made it his home.

For local farmer Randy Paul Nesmith, any time is a good time to help a neighbor in need. Nesmith jumped into action during January’s snow days and subsequent water crisis to help out where needed.   Submitted

“When the snow started, people were requesting help with driving to work or driving to the grocery store on Hip Pulaski,” Nesmith’s wife Niki explained. “He jumped up to any message or post sent out with someone needing help. He drove multiple people to Walmart so they were able to buy groceries for their families and took them back home.”

Not only did Nesmith help with groceries and other needs for his neighbors, he was also on hand to help with those who had tried to make the trip themselves and didn’t quite make it.

“He would pull many people out of slippery situations,” Nikki shared. “He pulled many people out of ditches and even assisted the ambulance service where I work.”

Nesmith has since become a part of the volunteer program with Giles County’s E-911 and was trained to be part of the team that will be dispatched in helping others who need basics delivered to them by calling 9-1-1. 

“Just this morning a man called and needed water delivered to his house to drink and for his animals,” Nikki said during the water crisis. “My husband immediately went to the store and bought cases of water and took it to him.”

The couple have been married for just three months and are hoping to start a family of their own sometime in the future. Nesmith is a farmer by trade and has been employed by Elkton’s Gilland Farms for the past year. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves to hunt and fish.

“He is a wonderful husband, friend, son and uncle,” Nikki said. “He has a huge heart and would help anyone in need. He doesn’t want money, he doesn’t want credit… He is just a good man. He has such a big heart and deserves the recognition.”