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West Creek hires Aaron Keener to take over girls basketball program



The West Creek girls basketball team is in a challenging spot. With just three wins in the past three seasons – only one of which came in district play – their search for a new head coach was going to be a difficult one from the outset.

Alas, the Lady Coyotes feel as though they have found the right person to take over the job to help build the program from the ground up into a contender – Aaron Keener.

“The overwhelming thing that led me there was the opportunity to mentor and teach young student athletes,” Keener said. “In this case, (I want) these girls to be the best they can be both on the court and in the classroom and in life in general.”

Keener is West Creek’s JROTC Sergeant Major and father of former Clarksville basketball players Nathan and Nick Keener, along with current Wildcat guard Nash Keener.

As a dad of three boys, he has been involved in sports for the past several years, coaching his sons throughout their athletic journeys with basketball, soccer and football. Most of his experience comes through leading AAU teams.

“I look forward to assessing the skill sets that we have and building from the bottom up,” Keener said. “We’re going to have to work on conditioning, we’re going to have to get our mindset right and most importantly, we’ve got to get our skill sets to where we can be competitive in this district which is full of talent. As we proceed in that fashion, we’re going to have to put our nose down and do the same thing we do in the classroom. We have to go to work.”

Due to regulations in place to combat COVID-19 in Montgomery County, he has not been able to meet his players.

Once he is able to familiarize himself with the team, he will use the knowledge he plans on acquiring from veteran coaches in the area and take a humble approach. He hopes to use his humility and honor to represent the school and district as a quality program in the city.

“I think it’s imperative that we be players and students of character,” Keener said. “We have to develop a sense of pride. We have to develop a work ethic that’s going to be second to none… You’re going to have ups and downs regardless of where on the spectrum we are, so if we understand that early on and start to embrace that and start working at those challenges, the better we’re going to be… I think it’s going to be important that we do the best that we can no matter the role on the team. I may be the player to come in and spark up a good defense. If that’s my role, I need to have some integrity in that role. I need to tailor my skillset to the best of my ability each and every time.

“I think if we all embrace that, I’m not one that’s going to be so overly optimistic and say we’re going to turn around and jump to the top of the chart, but I think if we all do our roles, we do our work, we put on a blue collar and come to practices every day, we come to the games, we come to the classrooms, I think eventually we’ll be in a position where we can compete at an extremely high level each and every night and that’s all it is. If we can be prideful and show some real team spirit, show some tenacity and then be humble whether we’re winning or losing, I think we’ll be OK.” 

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