Main Street Fairview

New city commissioner Chris McDonald ready to help shape Fairview’s future

Chris McDonald being sworn in as Fairview City Commissioner by City Judge Shannon Crutcher on Feb. 1, 2024.

After winning the January 11 special election for the open seat on the Fairview City Commission, Chris McDonald was officially sworn in at last Thursday night’s city commission meeting by Fairview City Judge Shannon Crutcher.

McDonald shared a brief note of thanks to the citizens of Fairview on social media, stating, “I am overwhelmed and thankful for the support you’ve shown throughout this election. Your belief in me and our shared vision is not taken for granted and I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each one of you. So many people helped me throughout this campaign and that will never be forgotten.”

He also encouraged unity, sharing, “Let’s come together as one community, embracing both my supporters and those who may not have chosen me. Fairview’s strength lies in our unity, in respecting diverse opinions, and in collaborating for the betterment of our town.”

Lastly, he challenged everyone to “stay involved, stay passionate, and keep me honest as I serve the city over the coming years. I am here to represent each and every one of you, and I invite everyone, regardless of your stance, to join in shaping a Fairview that we can all be proud of.”

Greeted with welcoming remarks from his fellow commissioners after taking his oath of office, McDonald was humbled and eager to step into his role in helping shape Fairview’s future.