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Letter to the Editor: “Prophecies” of deaths should be treated as threats

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Dear Editor,

Recently, while scanning news stories, an obscure headline grabbed my attention. It said, “the angel of death” will visit various politicians and influential leaders before the end of the year. A video screen behind the speaker showed images of 30 various politicians and business leaders among them were President Biden, the Clintons, Bill Gates, Rachel Maddow and even Republican governor Brian Kemp and Senator Lindsay Graham.

The speaker was Bo Polney, an investment guru who promotes investing in gold and silver because that is “God’s money.” He was speaking at a “ReAwaken America Rally” in Pennsylvania. Polney said, “the angel of death is coming to visit these people, these people are going down.” Other rally speakers included Eric Trump, Gen. Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Mike Lindell (the MyPillow Guy). The ReAwaken America Tour is making its way across America with stops in 17 U.S. cities.

A little research revealed not only Polny’s prophecy about the death angel, but other charismatic “prophets” who have proclaimed various prophecies about Donald Trump along with promoting conspiracy theories. There have been approximately 100 prophets with 500 prophecies about Trump and the future of America. A few have admitted their error and apologized.

One unrepentant prophetess is Julie Green. Ms. Green predicted that Trump would be returned to office this year. She predicted that Prince Charles would kill Queen Elizabeth, but his plan would fail and he would be denied the crown. She predicted that Doug Mastriano would win the race for governor of Pennsylvania (he lost). Her wildest claim is that Joe Biden is dead, and a body double is serving in his stead. The Biden look-alike has an earpiece in which he receives directions from Barack Obama. So Barack is still in charge.

These “prophecies” would be laughable, but they are taken seriously by some of the hard-core Trump loyalists. These are the types that raided the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

If a “prophet” says that God is going to kill one of these politicians, a zealot may believe it is his role to carry out God’s will. The recent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband is an example of such behavior. The list of people in Polney’s prophecy are predicted to meet the death angel before the end of this year. They are all still alive. I predict they will be alive at the end of the year.

This stuff is dangerous. This type of rhetoric inspired the Jan. 6 assault. In the Old Testament false prophets were often stoned to death. Maybe we need to return to some of that mentality. If Polney had my picture on that screen as one of those targeted for death, I would take it as a personal threat against my life. I would want legal redress against such foolishness.

The parents of Newtown, Conn., have started the ball rolling, winning millions of dollars from conspiracy promoter Alex Jones. Jones promoted the theory that the Newtown massacre of little children was fake. Many of his listeners believed him. I think Jones should not only pay these parents millions of dollars but spend some time in jail. If jail time is a possibility, the false prophets and conspiracy promoters will be more careful in choosing their words.

Chris Layman, Columbia

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