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Family finds Civil War grave of ancestor

Eleven family members came to Oak Grove recently to clean up the grave site of Civil War Veteran Robert Allen Anglea. Pictured: Jeff and Diana (Anglea) Hinton, Joey and Denise (Anglea) Clark, Rick and Barb Anglea, Jimmie and Judy Gilmore (distant cousin), Jerry and Regena Anglea, and Mike and Jill (not pictured) Anglea. SUBMITTED

What began with Mike Anglea wanting to know more about his roots ended with him locating the grave site of a family Civil War Veteran buried in Oak Grove.

The site was located by the volunteers with the Oak Grove Community Fire Department in October. It is located on land owned by the Resource Authority of Sumner County, who had put a fence around the grave site.

While doing the research, he discovered that Robert W. Anglea had written a book, A Band of Angleas, about the family. While reading the book, Mike discovered that the relative, Robert Allen Anglea, was a Civil War Veteran and was buried in the Oak Grove area.

He spent a lot of time researching to find the grave site but could not find it, until he contacted Oak Grove Community Fire Department. The site is about 200 yards east of the fire district off Highway 52 on Blackie Bandy Road. 

Recently, the Anglea family came together to celebrate a family reunion with the goal of cleaning up the grave site. It became a community effort with the fire department playing a big role in helping. The grave site was off the road, and hadn’t been cleared in years, which brought Rick Hodges from the Hodges Group to the scene.

Hodges volunteered to clear a path to the grave site to make it easier for the family and other volunteers to have easy access to the grave site.

Eleven family members came, some as far as Wisconsin, to help. Along with the family members, the fire district, and Hodges, the site was cleared of limbs, leaves, and other debris. Flags and flowers were put on the markers and around the area.

Robert Allen Anglea and his wife are both buried there with a large stone marker identifying their graves. According to Mike Anglea, an unknown group held a ceremony about 30 years ago when they put a Civil War marker beside the grave of Robert to recognize that he was a Civil War Veteran.

Angela Johns with the fire department said, “As a member of the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department, I speak for all of us. We are so honored to have been able to help this family make this memorial site what it should proudly be. We love our little community and the families in it. And thank you to Rick Hodges and his generosity towards the family and to the department.”