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Public Notices Week of December 1, 2021



The Mount Pleasant City Commission will meet in regular session on Tuesday, December

21, 2021 at 6:00 pm in the Tom Hardin Room at City Hall.

The following items will be on the agenda for public hearing, discussion and approval:

a. Ordinance 2021-1083 – (Public Hearing/Final Reading) – An Ordinance to

amend Title 5, Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code of the City of Mount Pleasant,

Tennessee, dealing with purchasing, repealing the existing Chapter 6, and adopting

a new Chapter 6, updating the Purchasing Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

b. Ordinance 2021-1084 – (Public Hearing/Final Reading) – An Ordinance levying

a privilege tax upon the occupancy in any hotel or motel or any place in which

rooms, lodging or accommodations are furnished to transients for consideration.

c. Ordinance 2021-1085 – (Public Hearing/Final Reading) – An Ordinance amending

Title 10, Chapter 1 of the Municipal Code relating to Livestock and Domestic

Fowl within the City limits.

The public is invited to attend this meeting. This notice is given as provided in T.C.A.,



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