Should you consider 401(k) loans or withdrawals?

At some point, you may have more money in your 401(k) than in any other investment. And even though your 401(k) is intended for your retirement, you may one day think you have to tap into your account early — but should you? And if you do, how should you go about it? If it’s possible to avoid taking money […]

Jack McCall: Beatles and sights top my “bucket list”

I can’t say I have ever had a bucket list. Of course, the concept of a bucket list was popularized by the 2007 movie titled “The Bucket List,” starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was about two old guys who had a bunch of things they wanted to do before they died. So, they made a list – a […]

Lucas Holman: Cool watermelons start in hot soil

Some of the things that we grow in the garden just perform better when it is hot.  Watermelons germinate better and more consistently when the soil temperatures are between 70 degrees and 80 degrees. You can either purchase watermelon transplants or directly plant seeds into the garden. Make sure you give them plenty of space because watermelon vines can run up to […]

Seth Campbell: The fight on the right: a nomination disaster

To the delight of Democrats throughout the country, the Republican primary for president is off to a rollicking start. While former President Trump is clearly the frontrunner, the field is full of conservatives vying to take the top spot from the twice-impeached candidate that is cornered by a myriad of legal issues. This rough-and-tumble primary season is sure to scuff […]

Jack McCall: The years rolled by in the bed of pickup trucks

I attended a legislative conference in Gatlinburg recently. It was a gathering of county road supervisors, county commissioners and county mayors. The meeting was held at the Park Plaza Hotel high above Gatlinburg. The conference featured informative sessions and interesting speakers. I found networking with other mayors to be most beneficial. I have never seen so many pickup trucks in […]

Martha Gerdeman: Promise Land was home to several Black Civil War veterans

This coming Saturday, June 3, is the annual Promise Land Festival. If you have never attended the festival, you have missed a grand time. Sponsored annually by the Promise Land Heritage Association, the fun starts at 10:30 a.m. with the Parade of Hats, a fundraiser for the PLHA’s benevolence fund. All day there will be entertainment and music, with vendors, […]

What should you expect from your investments?

To help achieve your financial goals, you may need to invest in the financial markets throughout your life. However, at times your investment expectations may differ from actual returns, triggering a variety of emotions. So, what are reasonable expectations to have about your investments? Ideally, you hope that your investment portfolio will eventually help you meet your goals, both your […]

Bear with me – trouble is bruin

Larry Woody's Woods & Waters

If you’ve ever almost tripped over a black bear on a dark night, you never forget it. I haven’t – along with numerous other encounters with bruins during years of camping in the Canadian wilderness. I was reminded of them awhile back when a discarded can of bear spray detonated in the Nashville airport, forcing evacuation of the concourse. It […]

Jack McCall: Even whistling is music to my ears

I sang in a choir Sunday. The production was months in the making. The choral director, Robert B. Thurman, is a longtime friend. He and my wife, Kathy, share the same birthday and the same middle name. He and I go back a long way. He and Kathy go back a longer way. They sang together in a youth group […]

Seth Campbell: Embracing and learning from different voices

The recent CNN Town Hall featuring former President Donald Trump has highlighted some themes in our society. While the questions and answers may have been entertaining to some, the reaction across the board is cause for concern. Republicans applauded CNN for hosting him and many attendees were happy to hear his rude remarks broadcast on national television. In contrast, many […]

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