Tyrades!: Ready for an Apple Vision Pro World?

What an amazing coincidence! Two days after Apple released its much-ballyhooed Vision Pro contraption, Joni Mitchell gave her first Grammy Awards performance. It’s a coincidence because someday hordes of Vision Pro devotees will doubtless be warbling, “I’ve looked at life from no sides now/Tripped over something, might be a cow…” Surely you’ve heard of Vision Pro. Apple insists on calling […]

Qualified teachers needed to avoid classroom crisis

The truth is that teaching is a challenging profession that requires a unique set of skills and abilities, and not everyone is cut out for it. The pandemic worsened the problem of recruiting and retaining public school teachers. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 86% of K-12 public schools in the U.S. face challenges in hiring teachers for […]

Tyrades!: Using the Right Valentine’s Day Questions?

While struggling to find a suitable angle for this Valentine’s Day essay, I lucked upon some “Reader’s Digest” clickbait. The article talked about psychologist Arthur Aron’s 1997 study, in which he brainstormed 36 questions (including “What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?”) that can theoretically accelerate intimacy between two strangers (or rekindle romance in long-term relationships). Bravo. People typically […]


State tourism department bill seeks sweeping exemption to public records law

Gov. Bill Lee’s administration is seeking a sweeping exemption to the public records law that would make confidential any records of the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development that the commissioner determines are too sensitive to release. The bill, HB1692 / SB 2093, is up for its first consideration in the House Public Service Subcommittee on Tuesday. The proposed law is modeled […]

Ecoviews: Do Raccoons Make Good Pets

Q. We live in a suburban neighborhood near Montgomery, Ala., and see raccoons in our yard year-round, usually at night. We also have friends in Michigan and Virginia who have the same experience. Are raccoons more abundant than they used to be? Do they make good pets? A. I am not aware of any hard statistics that cover the whole […]

Big Joe on the Go: The New Class Reunion, Unfortunately


For many of us, attending our 10-year class reunion is a must do. We all are just starting out in our careers and haven’t really had a good chance to screw things up in life. That would be our 20-year class reunion. For many of us. I say that because some don’t want to ever see any of us again, […]


Tyrades!: Could You Pass a Citizenship Test? Really?

Okay, maybe I’m approaching this from a position of privilege.One of my earliest memories is of tagging along to my mother’s former grammar school when she voted. Social Studies was one of my favorite elementary school classes. Mr. Lowry’s junior high Civics class taught us about polling, current events and debate skills. I made straight A’s when I minored in […]

Mike’s Life: Don’t Forget About Those Gift Cards

I am sure I am not the only one who occasionally forgets about a gift card or two. My wife and I have a place we keep gift cards, and try to keep a good mental note of what cards are there. Sometimes they are gifts. Sometimes they are store credit for a return. Sometimes they are to a pizza place […]

Big Joe on the Go: A Pep Talk for 2024

Resolutions, resolutions and more resolutions. That is all we want to talk about as we leave 2023 and enter a new year. We conjure up all these great things we want to do and by mid-February, that list is the same as my hairline. Gone.Remember, last year my resolution and somewhat advice for the next 12 months was a very […]

Tyrades!: Will You Be Busted by a ‘Noise Camera?’

“Just when you think it’s safe to be a jerk on the roadway…”Motorists in many cities have grown accustomed to the likelihood of having their license plate photographed if they exceed the posted speed limit and/or run a red light.(Sadly, other motorists are shocked — shocked, I tell you — every single time they receive a citation. It’s like we […]


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